Thursday, November 26, 2009

Traditional Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls

These Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls results show a marked improvement over the last time Darr and I attempted this recipe. All said, it took about an hour to make these suckers. They tasted good but not great. The outside was a tad too crunchy. In a pinch, assuming I had all the ingredients on hand, I'd make it again but the search for an excellent cinnamon roll recipe continues. I do, however, really like the buttermilk and cream cheese icing. Yummy! As for Thanksgiving dinner prep, our mutant bird* is in the oven and the first step of gravy production has been completed. Our menu is as follows:

mashed potatoes with gravy
sausage stuffing
seared green beans
raisin pie
pumpkin pie
sparkling apple cider†

*Gus, our turkey, came with one gimpy leg and two necks. Mon dieu.
†We like to say we bought this for Henry but we all plan on drinking it. Sparkling apple cider is good.


Dr. A said...

Mmmm... well they look delicious.

Happy Turkey Day!

Lori said...

The mutant turkey is scary...especially to this vegetarian. But I hope ole Gus was tasty in spite of it all.

I'm a cook-from-scratch kind of girl normally but we used this sticky buns recipe yesterday. It's so easy, I may never go back. I put the pan in a cold oven overnight and then simply turn it on to 350 without preheating for 30 min. It's embarassingly simple but oh so tasty!,184,155168-254199,00.html