Friday, December 11, 2009

Good without God

I saw this on a bus today while driving over the Hawthorne Bridge. I probably wouldn't have noticed but traffic was stopped so the bridge could raise the platform to allow a ship to pass and we were in line waiting for about five minutes. When you have one Monsieur Henry in the car with you in this situation, you will hear about the bus's presence about every four seconds. "Bus." <insert 4-second pause here> "Bus. Mama." Repeat. Anyway, it wasn't that long ago when a similar campaign started across the Atlantic. Some days it is nice to know I am not alone.


Andrew said...

Some of the most moral people I know have been raised with no religion whatsoever. I'm sure some are pretty horrible, but the same could be said for religious folks. I'm not sure morality and religiousness have all that strong of a correlation. If you look worldwide, most cultures, regardless of religion or lack thereof, have the same basic set of morals.

It's nice to see that pointed out on a big sign once in a while.

Amber said...

I agree with Andrew (what a well-spoken guy!!)... it's nice to have the reminder out there to people that those of us who do not believe are not necessarily mean-spirited and immoral. Frankly, I find it a rather absurd notion that believing in God would automatically make someone "good." But that could just be me.