Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas tree at the condo

Mom requested some Christmas tree pics and it just so happens we have some handy. Three things made this year's tree acquisition easy - 1. small stature of tree; 2. tall husband; 3. height-challenged car. For the past several years we have purchased our tree at a lot that supports a local high school, which is good because watching a tree being cut down is a little sad. Not sad enough to keep me from getting a tree but sad nonetheless.
Canon PowerShot SD400

Canon PowerShot SD400

Last year I highlighted some of my ornaments hanging from the tree's branches, the following pics showcase the newest arrivals. The hippo ornament was a gag gift from Monsieur Henry to his pops. When the little button is pushed, it sings this song. If you haven't yet been exposed to the song, you're welcome.
Shutter 1/40 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 800 Tungsten

As shown here, Bean has a bit of a problem keeping his hands off the ornaments. This one had to be placed on the mantel when excessive toddler touching led to the disappearance of the hanging hook.
Shutter 1/60 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 800 Tungsten

To commemorate our first trip to Disneyland I bought this all-characters-on-deck Disney ornament. It survived the plane ride home. Woot! (As an aside, it was totally worth the $73 I paid for it.*)
Shutter 1/60 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 1600 Tungsten

I love REI's Santa ornaments. The outdoorsy theme is refreshingly AWESOME. (Bonus that it has a cat.)
Shutter 1/50 Aperture f/2.2 ISO 400 Flash

Behold the tree at the condo.
Shutter 1/50 Aperture f/2.2 ISO 400 Flash

To Hen's delight, a package arrived from Montana with many presents in it. He has been carting these around the house mumbling things like "Santa" and "Open it!" but has yet to actually dive in. The bet is on as to how long this good behavior will last.
Shutter 1/50 Aperture f/2.2 ISO 400 Flash

*It cost a fraction of that. I'm just f--king with Darr. Hi, honey! :*

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Shawn and Becky said...

A big thank you for the introduction to the hippo song . . . probably won't get that out of my head all day. Merry Christmas!