Thursday, December 17, 2009

The kinder, gentler SCOTUS

I loves me some SCOTUS blog.

This is a new feature on SCOTUSblog. The Supreme Court deals with a lot of technical legal issues. Our posts tend to be written in the same way, so that if you aren’t a lawyer it can be hard to understand exactly what we’re saying. We try not to go too deep into jargon, but it’s hard. As a result, we don’t connect with all of our readers as well as we could. Many of you aren’t lawyers. It’s important that everyone understand the Supreme Court, and we want to be a comprehensive resource.

So, on a regular basis, we’re going to step back and write about what’s happening at the Court in plain English. We’ll also sneak in some more basic background on how the Court works. That background material will also be incorporated into a “The Supreme Court in Plain English” entry on SCOTUSwiki. When the Court is doing a lot, and we have a lot of content, we may write these posts every day. When things are slower, it may be more like once a week.

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Zozopdx said...

I'll have to forward this to Dave. My Canadian husband has a big ol' crush on the SCOTUS.