Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boy outfit #10

Bean's transitioning into his next size of clothing (24 month/2T) so I'm sure there will be a rash of these posts as I dress my boy each morning and realize that I adore each outfit. I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition of the army pants with the anti-war message on the shirt Hen's wearing today. I noticed he was standing still for a millisecond so I quickly threw the camera into automatic, switched on the flash, and snapped a few photos. I think these may be my first shots taken using the automatic setting since the photography class at the beginning of November.
Shopping guide info:
1. pants - Disney Cars, received as a gift from the Johnstons (Darr's Canadian cousins)
2. shirt - Tiny Revolutionary, purchased at
3. belt - Miniman, purchased at Spoiled Rotten
4. socks - Mini Boden, purchased at
5. shoes - Columbia, received as a gift from the Bickels


B. E. Busby said...

That was a mind twister... "Bombs are BAD, m'kay, Kyle" coupled with Rambo Camo.

Can you spell, "dichotomy?" I thought you could! (Thanks for the lend of the voice, Fred).

Dr. A said...

I love the tousled hair too. It adds to the, "I'm very busy saving the world right now thankyouverymuch" tone of the outfit.

Christie said...

Dichotomy's a good word, too. Dang. Wish I had though of that myself.

MissMVK said...

"Where words fail, music speaks..."

I see that Henry has also taken a liking to your family's newest Apple product! Loving the outfit and wow, he looks so tall!

Christie said...

MissMVK - Yeah, I think his interest in the newest iPod member of our family (called Bella, not after the chick in Twilight) is what accounts for his momentary stillness.

Christie said...

Dr. A - Tousled is way too polite. That kid needs a haircut.