Sunday, December 06, 2009

One tragedy at a time

A mill worker in Yamhill, OR
Without insurance, John has been unable to get surgery or even help managing the pain. When he collapses or suffers particularly excruciating headaches, Esther rushes him to the emergency room of one hospital or another, but an E.R. can’t do much for him. One hospital has told them not to come back unless he gets insurance, they say.
Thirty miles away, a hardworking American family is dying. [full story]

Healthcare voters are values voters.


Zozopdx said...

thanks, Nicholas Kristof (sp?) for keepin' it real as usual.

Christie said...

How sad that he can't receive the help he so clearly needs. Even worse, he's not alone.

morganrenee said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I grew up in Yamhill and stories like this are common. It's completely, 100% unacceptable, as is people's inability to see the great need for reform.