Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pre-spring cleaning

Okay, three years ago I wrote about our ring of crap. Three years. The project then was to get rid of the crap. Well, not all of it because there is stuff we actually do want to keep, but I wanted to find an organizational system that allowed me to keep the crap we want and dispose of the crap we don't want. This entailed figuring out how to store the crap we keep in such a way that not every inch of available wall space is buttressed with, you guessed it, crap. I was not successful. Or rather, I was at the time. But now that another three years have gone by and there is an additional human living in our home, we've amassed more crap. In our house it goes like this:

same amount of space + additional human = new ring o' crap
As mentioned previously, tomorrow a friend is coming over (thank you! thank you! thank you!) to help me rid our master bedroom of its ring of crap. I don't think you get a good idea of the challenge that lies before Ms. S until you see it for yourself so here you go -
Behold the ring o' crap in corner 1
That's just one corner out of four, folks. So, yeah, probably some filing is in order. And I should list my law books on craigslist.com to see if there are any takers. I should order the pictures I want for Henry's room so I can hang the four frames currently on the ground in front of the book stand. The art done by Henry should be hung back up in his bathroom now that Christmas is over and the holiday decorations have come down. I should stop trying to hide the ring of crap mess by draping blue baby blankets over the pile on the desk. Clearly that's not working. The yarn should be taken down to storage until I'm done with my current knitting project. And that cat scratcher wouldn't be missed by anyone in the condo, including the cats, if it was thrown out.


Amber said...

So exciting! Please do keep us posted. And send Ms. S right on over here when she's done! ;)

Darren said...

Notice the blanket draped across the desk to provide lateral stability so we can stack yet more crap!


Rachele said...

I didn't know you were a knitter. I am learning. Literally, I'm on my first project, trying to get my fingers untwisted from first attempt at purling.

betty said...

It sounds better in pseudo-Japanese -- as in "ring of kurappu"

Christie said...

Rachele - If you're doing the purl stitch you're ahead of me. I only make scarves and blankets with the straight knit. I'm attempting to learn how to make my mom's slippers. She's an awesome knitter. Good luck!

Betty - Indeed it does.