Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We are not done but Ms. S jumped right in and wrestled that ring of crap to the floor, then she packed its bags and shoved it out the door.

Things no longer in the condo:
Empty dvd cases (two bags worth, placed in storage)
Two bags of recyclables
One box containing law books to be posted on

Piles remaining in the condo:
One pile containing baby books to be returned to a friend
One pile of fiction and baby books I'd recommend to go to another friend
One pile of old law books to be donated (hoping I can haul these up to L&C instead of having to drive all the way out to Willamette)
Stack of computer-related items to be sorted by husband

Next on the list, filing. Lots of filling. And also research to see if I can find a clever way to hang our bikes on the ceiling of our room. The difficult part is I don't want them to hang down but rather be tucked up against the ceiling in such a way that we could walk underneath them thereby opening up that space for perhaps a comfy reading chair by the window or some shelving to store our books.


B. E. Busby said...

OK -- bummed to see the law tomes nuked -- I've been in Egypt (erm, in "Da Nile") with your withdrawal from the fray.

I say that in guilty need -- I'm slammed with e-discovery issues that could use a young, bright mind (that needs dulling?) urm, at the very least, the deft touch of a concerned paralegal.

What... selfish? ME?

(Erm, don't you have any larger fonts for, "MEEEE!????")

You have made a choice I should have made (and retired -- I'm much older than thee -- save my masters keep paying me...) my work-centric choices years ago, just too much of a well-paid jellyfish -- sigh.

The good news is that jellyfish can afford receiving the Food Network to the home front.

Dr. A said...

WOW! Progress indeed. The corner now looks functional, inviting even. "Come, do a little work here... you'll be productive!"

Keep it up!

Megan said...

Here's a link to a post on about bikes on the ceiling. I didn't read through all the comments, but you might find one that has a link to something that will give you inspiration for it.

Christie said...

B.E. - Don't count me out yet. Paralegal is very much on my radar.