Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bishop Jim Swilley on NPR

In the few minutes today when I wasn't consumed with finishing the seventh HP book, I ran to the store and happened to catch a bit of an interview with Bishop Jim Swilley on NPR. You can listen to the interview here. My usual reaction upon hearing yet another purported believer who was shown to be glaringly hypocritical in what they preached and how they lived would have been to mock the glaringly hypocritical nature of said person, but then I heard this: [Swilley talking about the recent gay teen suicides]..."I would hear people nearly imply that he [Tyler Clementi] deserved it, you know, people would say he shouldn't have been in an act of perversion." Swilley says. "And when I started hearing that, especially from people who professed to be Christ-like, I don't know. Something changed. ... I felt like, with me not saying at least my little part of it, I end up being part of the problem." In the article, I read that he also admitted that being gay wasn't his choice. So, there you go.

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Zozopdx said...

WOW--can't wait to listen to that. what a courageous, important move.