Monday, November 29, 2010

Boy outfit #12

For Hen's frame Mini Boden runs a bit short in the pants and a bit large in the shirts, but if you throw 'em on the kid with a pair of cool knit-by-grandma superhero* socks, you have a boy outfit worthy of blogging.
Shutter 1/50 Aperture f/3.5 ISO 200
Shopping guide info:
1. pants - Mini Boden, purchased at
2. shirt - Mini Boden, purchased at
3. superhero socks - received as a gift from Grandma Glynn

And here's what the photo looked like before editing:
The original was too yellow for my liking and I remember hearing and/or reading that if something in the photo doesn't add to the awesomeness of the photo, it shouldn't be there so I cropped to my heart's content, removed the bit of superfluous toddler bike helmet, and rebuilt the base trim. Yes, I could have removed the cat door as well but we do have cats and usually they are very much a part of our photos so if they weren't actually making an appearance in this one, at least evidence of their existence is included.

*Hen tried these socks after receiving them last Christmas and nearly killed himself because of their slippery nature. However, he recently saw me sporting a pair and expressed an interest. So I invoked their superheroness to convince him to give them another try. And it worked.


Rachele Gorsegner said...

If you wanted to risk it, you could (I hear) add clear silicone caulk in a dot pattern to the soles, et voila, no more slip. If you want to try that, I would test it on a not-important sock first.

Dr. A said...

He looks like he could be in a boy band, he's so hip!