Thursday, November 11, 2010

An entryway completed

Remember back in June 2009 when I talked about creating an entryway? Officially this entryway was completed many moons ago but since I cleaned all day Tuesday and finally got around to taking pictures of it, I can now unveil (for the three people who read the blog that haven't been over to the condo in the last year) our new and improved entryway. Admire the PSE-edited-and-sized-for-web photos if you will.

It's nearly all a mixture of Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and IKEA pieces, many of which we already had in the house. I wanted the "Hang out with your wang out" framed art from Etsy for the table but Darr thought that was rather distasteful. Really? The dude whose country has a beaver for a mascot wants to make the call regarding taste? So, I've got the frame Darr and I picked up during our honeymoon with a pic of, you guessed it, Henry as a wee tot. I shall work to find something non-Henry. Perhaps a picture of Beauty the wonder dog would suffice?

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Dr. A said...

Lovely! Care to come over to our house and tackle a few pesky corners?