Saturday, November 20, 2010

If you happened to be in Bridgeport theatre 10 at 8pm

You might have heard some crazy lady loudly asking another member of the crowd to please turn off whatever device was playing and disrupting the movie. You might have even caught a snippet of sound from said device. But what you don't know is that I was both the crazy lady yelling and the member of the audience with a device that was playing. My apologies, folks. I left the iPod Touch in the car but forgot that I had taken the iPod Nano from Hen when we arrived at the pizza place. At some point on our way from the car to our seats in the theatre I must have hit the device in such a way to start it, so as the beginning of Harry Potter came onto the screen, if you listened closely, you could hear the movie Bolt. And, yeah, that was coming from me.


Zozopdx said...

that's hilarious. hey, at least you can laugh at yourself!

Dr. A said...

Yeah, I did nearly that same thing one time. Inadvertently set an alarm on my cell phone. That went off. During a meditation session at a Buddhist sangha. I got annoyed that my concentration was being breached, when after the third round of buzzing embarrassedly realized it was my phone giving offense. Luckily, I wasn't chastened too harshly. It was, after all, a room full of Buddhists.