Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm in the mood to bake

Last week I emailed Darr to ask around the office for baking suggestions since I am feeling an intense urge to bake at the same time I'm trying to be better about eating. Admittedly, it is not the mark of a genius to start counting calories near the holidays so my counting has seen some days where the numbers are above and beyond the target of just over 1400 calories per day, but baking is so cathartic for me that I am compelled to go forth with this venture. His office mates responded with a plethora of great baking suggestions, I have made a Google spreadsheet, and the baking has begun. I figure with my own baking desires and those suggestions, Darr should be able to take one to two items per week into work through the holidays and into the beginning of next year. Recently shared items include pumpkin cookies, roasted apple pie, buckeyes, Hungarian shortbread, and chocolate crinkle cookies. Upcoming items include Nanaimo bars, carrot cake, gingerbread cookies, chocolate cream pie, brownies, pie (my choice will probably be apple since it's the season), and mille feuille (which I'm having a hard time locating a recipe for). In addition to that, I'm making several things from the above list to take to our Thanksgiving feast at Darr's sister's place along with a pumpkin cheesecake. (I'm totally stoked about that one, I've never made cheesecake before.) What the list does not include is stuff I may want to make just because I feel like baking. Once the really great oranges hit the stores, you know an olive oil and orange cake is leaving this kitchen.

All this to say that I love, love, love to bake. So if you have any baking needs, email me. I'll totally make you something.


Svetla said...

I wish we were coming for the holidays ...:)

Zozopdx said...

okay, I thought of you when I picked up this month's issue of Fine Cooking magazine. you do have it, right? I've never bought it before, but you will just die when you see the cookie recipes if you haven't already.

Christie said...

I do not. But I shall pick it up post haste. :)