Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House shopping

Excerpt from a conversation we had last night whilst Darr perused the Windermere site for houses.

Me, pointing to the land right next to the house for sale: It is right next to a cemetery.

Darr: People pay less for land near a cemetery?

Me: Well, yeah. <insert pause here> Zombies. Those dead people wake up, you're the first house they're going to hit.


Megan said...

Our house in Denver and our house here are very near cemeteries. I love living next to cemeteries. Quiet neighbors and all.

Dr. A said...

Hmmm, we spent last Thursday playing in a cemetery. It was perfect - lots of open space for running, interesting things to look at (headstones, monuments), a few nice ponds and fountains by the mausoleum.... good times.