Friday, December 24, 2010

Month Thirty-eight

Dear Henry,

It's been another month. Already. And this letter is late because of the holidays and the baking and the present wrapping and the cookie exchange and birthday party and everything else life has bombarded us with lately. You were very helpful with the Christmas tree this year. You helped pick it out and you helped pops and me carry it home and you definitely helped us listen to the hippopotamus ornament that plays that annoying "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" tune. Wait? Did I say annoying? I meant enjoyable. Even the seventeenth time.
Earlier this month, you went to your first overnighter at your cousin Delano's house. They live in a condo building house, too. That's what you call our home - a condo building house. Because you know people live in houses. You know we are people. You know we have a condo. And you know our condo is in a building with other condos. So, condo building house it is, Bean. Consider this your introduction to logic. You, cousin Gavin, and cousin Delano stayed up far later than I would have thought possible, finally crashing around 1:30a.m. Egads. That's late! It wasn't much of a surprise that you fell asleep on the way home but it was surprising that you stayed asleep for several hours (six, I think). Now, that's what I call a nap. Also, we were told you were glued to cousin Delano's garbage truck, and that you went to bed wearing someone else's superhero underwear. I expect the parties you hit during your high school days will have a similar ending. Well, at least the underwear part. Just make sure they're clean, son.
I attended a parent/teacher conference at your daycare. The file was about an inch think, full of various drawings, attempts at writing letters, and the like. And there were a ton of your teacher's observations, which were entertaining to hear. You understand quite a bit in Spanish. You can count past ten (in Spanish) and you're learning various prepositions (in Spanish) - on, forward, backward, over, behind, etc. In addition to pequeño (small) and grande (big) from a few months ago, you use bajo (under) and arriba (top) at home. Things to improve upon include sharing and remembering to say 'please' and 'thank you' without being prompted. At home, I'd add going to bed when told and not hitting your parents when you're upset that they won't let you do something.
We made two trips to see Santa this year. Each time on his lap you were quick to launch into the explanation of the exact type of recycling truck you were looking for come Christmas. It had to be a recycling truck and it had to have a sidearm and come with trash cans the sidearm could pick up and then dump into the truck. You prefer Santa when he comes armed with candy canes. These are your favorite treat. And I don't mind you appreciating the fine candy during the holiday season but that will end soon so take advantage while you can. We also rode the Holiday Express train again. The great burst of steam that was emitted before the train moved scared the bejesus out of you. But that didn't stop you from getting on the train. You're very brave, my little one.
You really are 100% boy. Cars, trains, planes, dinosaurs, superheroes - they are all your favorite. This does not prevent you from dressing up in pink leotards when you're hanging out with your girlfriends. You are passionate yet impulsive and forgiving but stubborn. Every day you remind me of why having a kid is so incredibly awesome.



Snickollet said...

I love reading your letters to Henry.

Were you able to find him the garbage truck he wanted? Because let me tell you, I have a lot of experience shopping for garbage trucks and I know just the one that meets his requirements.

Christie said...

I had to do some searching but I found a Bruder one that met his requirements (came with a sidearm and had bins) and mine (that it was relatively quiet).