Saturday, January 15, 2011

The drivers of Minis

Me to Hen, after another Mini driver gave me the "hey, we're both Mini drivers" wave: When you see another Mini you have to wave.

Hen: She is driving that Mini because she is white.

Me, thinking I misheard him: What?

Hen: She is white and so she drives the Mini like Sophie*.

Me, curious: Do only white people drive Minis?

Hen: No.

Me: Do brown people drive Minis?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Orange people?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Green people?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Purple people?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Yellow people?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Red people?

Hen: Yes.

Me: Maroon people?

Hen: No.

There you have it. Maroon people do not drive Minis.

We name our cars, computers, and the like. Sophie is our British green Mini Cooper. We love her.

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Zozopdx said...

whenever Anneke sees an attractive black woman she says , "she looks like Princess Tiana"! which I can live with. so funny, these kids trying to sort these things out! I had to sort it out in the Deep South, which was definitely harder!