Friday, February 25, 2011

Photography fun: The Nikon D700, day two

Today, I took a lot of photos but I was not overly inspired. Places with various lighting sources continue to flummox me. If I've got light streaming from large windows competing with overhead lighting, which is the best white balance to use? Or do you not worry about that, get as close to what you want as you can, and make your color corrections later in editing? Argh. Putting that aside, I'm learning that those minor changes in ISO can really make a difference. My D40 doesn't have as many options and when I get past ISO 800 graininess becomes more noticeable. Also, I like the full frame sensor. The larger area it captures makes changing the depth of field more fun. Following are shots taken throughout the day:
Avery, who is frickin' adorable and so generous when it comes to letting me take her picture.

Unadulterated Henry Finn

I don't know if he can dance (yet) but he can jump!

Hen and Tevia

One of these kids is doing his own thing.

Shake it!

Hen and Tevia are in the dragon's mouth / the pic is cropped

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