Friday, March 04, 2011

Climate change

Yesterday (Thursday), I looked out the window and it was mostly gray with occasional rain. In a few hours, I'm going to look out a different window and see this:

It's my first solo trip since Hen was born. It's nerve wracking, which explains why I'm finding it difficult to go to sleep even though I'm supposed to get up in a few hours and start the day of travel. To be fair, this is also Darren's first time caring for Hen for such an extended length of time. And that's gotta be a whole lot more stressful given that he has to keep another person alive. A toddler person. Who likes to jump from very high places. But, we're definitely going to be okay. I'm going to rest, sleep, read, take pictures, and be generally lazy for five days. And Darr has a pretty good schedule of activities to keep Hen occupied - including three play dates with Alexandra, a play date with Josie, swimming, gymnastics, and a possible ski trip with grandpa in tow. Also, Kung Fu Panda should arrive from Netflix by Monday so, what else could the kid want? It'll be nice to have so much time to not focus on anything. And to try out my new camera! Woot!

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Zozopdx said...

have an amazing time! that is a long time to be away--good thing Henry will be in such amazing hands. and a good age for you to give this a try. I'd be nervous, too, and I would promptly treat that nervousness with a big ol' margarita on the beach!!!!!