Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introducing Marlin the fish

Marlin is, of course, the fish, and the other art is, well, the other art.

Darren and I attended our first (pre)school-related auction last night and boy howdy! was that ever fun! Our biggest purchase was Marlin the fish (see above), which I am so over the moon about. I sort of wanted to jokingly place it over the new couch in the living room but it was too perfect an addition to Hen's growing art wall. Most importantly, Bean was really excited about the fish when he came in to see where I had hung it after going out to brunch with his papa (on his scooter in the rain, no less). Along with Marlin, I picked up a couple of children's books, a Life is Good t-shirt (for Hen), and a Christmas present (in March, yo!) for Cousin Audrey. Sadly, we did not win the bike trailer filled with beer and wine but, there's always next year.

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Amber said...

You guys rock; thanks so much for coming!