Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing projects, part two

My third and fourth sewing projects (pictured below) include an iPad sleeve (I made the night before we flew down to the Mexico!) and a pair of flannel Batman pajama pants for Henry. I realized as soon as I sat down to start the iPad sleeve that the thin green flannel material I had selected wasn't going to offer any protection whatsoever for Lola, but I glimpsed an old baby blanket of Hen's in the donate pile in our dining room and used that to line the flannel with. Awesome! Sure, the sewing lines are very much less than straight, and the material is a little bunched in the corners. I say for having no real pattern - I did sort of create my own for the initial cutting purposes - and only minimal skills, I rocked that frickin' iPad sleeve. (Yeah, that's me braggin', bitches.) My final touch of pure sewing genius came when I created an apple (a mock Mac apple) using scraps from Hen's Spiderman apron. It's my homage to Bean.

The pajama bottoms... I required nearly constant contact with my mom in Montana, who graciously answered all of my idiotic sewing questions. Okay, so, yes, there was supposed to be a faux fly in the front that I ended up not doing, the main thing is the kid can wear them. I'm calling this a job well done.


Lori said...

We have a friend who keeps us in a constant supply of hand-me-downs and the last box included flannel pajama pants. He loves to wear them for naps. Now I just have to hope the next box includes some as well. :)

Amber said...

You added a button to the iPad sleeve! And here I thought it couldn't be any more fabulous than it already was.