Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Science Fun and Experiment #2 - Ivory soap in the microwave

Thank goodness for people who write books and blogs and tell us about all of these cool things to try. Ivory soap in the microwave, who would have thunk it? (Answer: Not me.) It just so happens that we have Ivory soap in the house and we also have a microwave so we decided to go for it. Of course, there were pictures...

For this experiment you'll need one kid, one bar of soap, one microwave-safe plate, and a microwave. You can also use food coloring if you feel so inclined.

In goes the soap!

Nothing special, it's just a bar of soap.

Navigating the complex screens of the microwave.

We tried one second (nothing), five seconds (still nothing), fifteen seconds (little something), and then leapt to 30 seconds.

This is what we saw.

Exteme closeup.

Poke the soap time. Note: It can be hot in the center so be careful.

It's over when it turns into dust.


Shawn and Becky said...

Might have to put ivory soap on the shopping list. Was there fun to be had for a while, or was it short lived?!

Christie said...

About 45 minutes of fun but that might have gone longer if I had additional bars to blow up. Hen also used the soap dust afterwards in the bath for an additional 30 to 40 minutes of play.

Dr. A said...

We tried this a year or so ago, and the dust made our eyes, nose, mouth totally sting. It was so uncomfortable we never wanted to try it again. Maybe I nuked it too long?