Monday, February 17, 2014

Book eleven: Spunky Tells All by Ann Cameron

We finished the final book we need to read from the Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award list. Here's how Hen summarized the book:
The book is about Spunky and the cat. Spunky is a dog. Fiona is a cat. Spunky doesn’t like cats. Spunky, um, was sniffing the sock and he bit on the sock and he hold it on. And Ralph opened his eyes and tried to get the sock out of Spunky’s mouth. And then he gets twirled around and around and around and around. He gets thrown at the wall. Then they get in the car and go get a cat that they named Fiona. She just says, “Down!” She climbs up a curtain. Spunky helps the cat named Fiona. She goes into the freezer. The dog named Spunky licks Fiona because she’s almost covered all in ice.
Would you vote for this book?
Yes! Because, um, the dog helps the cat.

11 down plus 41 to go.

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