Saturday, February 08, 2014

Snow, day three

We went sledding! Again! It was awesome!

The cardboard Yoda sled is holding up well. We didn't start to see any damage to the bottom until the freezing rain showed up late this afternoon.

I may have done a bad thing, though, as Hen and I watched video of Sage Kotsenburg completing the snowboarding slopestyle competition for the Olympics. Once Hen had a couple successful runs down the hill, he made repeated requests to build jumps so that he could "fly".

Introducing Mega Cookie. We wanted to go back out to sled but hadn't finished baking all of the cookies. Since we didn't want to waste the cookie dough, our solution to this problem was to make one giant, nay, mega cookie. It was both bigger than Hen's head and larger than the mini pizzas we had for dinner.

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