Saturday, February 08, 2014

Snowpocalypse crafting!

I have to admit something here on the blog that's a little embarrassing. I'm hanging my head in shame as I type this. Okay, here goes…

We don't own a sled. 

I know. I know. How can this be? We live near a mountain and have a six-year old boy. Having a lad and no sled is just this side of neglectful, really. We can't possibly expect him to grow up to be a fully functioning member of society WITHOUT A FRICKIN' SLED!

Our glaring lack in parental responsibility was made all the clearer when our next door neighbor dropped by to ask if she could borrow ours. That look, the one she gave me when I informed her that our household was minus a sled, I don't know if I'll ever be able to live that down.

But hey, I still had an internet connection and, by God, there had to be others who found themselves in similar situations. What if I could remedy this with old-fashioned cardboard crafting? Perhaps there would be instructions online? My search commenced and less than a second after typing "how to make your own sled youtube," I had my answer.

A quick check confirmed we had the necessary supplies - cardboard, garbage bag (or in our case a sturdy LEGO plastic bag with Yoda on it. Yeah, YODA, people.), and packing tape.

This is what we crafted for sledding…

This is what it looked like on the trial run by the condo-building-house. If it looks as if Hen isn't moving real fast it's because he's actually not moving at all.

Here's the sled in action…
SnowpocalypseSledding from Christie Glynn on Vimeo.

And since this is a crafting post, I'll include a picture of the cardboard igloo fort we made yesterday.

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