Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Official BCCCA/ORCA Finishers' Party!

Safranit Molly hosts a party for the students at Hen's school who finish reading the books on the Beverly Cleary's Children's Choice Award (BCCCA) and Oregon Readers' Choice Award (ORCA) lists, and this year she asked me to help with the party. Um…

Yes, please!

The party doubled in size from last year but we, sadly, didn't have any takers in the middle school category. We're working on a devious plan to try and get those older kids involved next year. We had two kindergarteners who participated by having the books read to them - Hen was one, of course. And over 20 other students who completed the challenge and attended the party.

Safranit Molly lined up awesome prizes, each student got a finishers' bookmark, sparkly pencil, and a list of books nominated for next year's BCCCA and ORCA reading challenge so they could get started early. The party included having their pictures taken holding their favorite book, eating snacks, enjoying a short movie about a girl who hated books, and celebrating with cupcakes. Fun was had by all. Of course, there were pictures…
Get the party started

Girl who hates books movie short

Crazy reading challenge finishers

Green screen photo op, ya'll

Fun photo
To check out the rest of the party pics, click here.


B. E. Busby said...

OK -- because I'm a green-screen geek of serious proportion (see ) you might want to suppress the green spill around yonder sprog's hair. By subtracting the spill to grey, life is better.


Christie said...

Thanks, Bruce! I shall give that a try.