Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mexico pictorial

We spent a lot of time at the pool.

We saw a ton of lizards.

Spent more time at the pool.

The kids worked on school stuff.

Posed for pictures.

Went back to the pool.

Took walks along the beach.

Checked out the flora.

Took butt pictures.

The kids went kayaking with Megan and Damian, and I got to read Game of Thrones under a cabana.

We watched the iPad for a bit.

Took a selfie while at the pool.

Spent more time at the pool.

Hen conversed with our guide, Juel. (A lengthy conversation about various sea creatures in the area.)

Took an On-A-Boat selfie.

Whoops. Just noticed the kid wasn't wearing a life jacket.

Our traveling companions, minus Damian who is nearby.

Let the kids play on the golf course.

Drank a very strong margarita.

Went back to the pool for night swimming.

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