Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Official Lemonade Stand

Organic lemons $3.99 a bag
3/4 cup sugar

The kids and I were very careful during lemonade production. The counters were wiped down with a disinfectant, our hands were washed (multiple times), the containers were cleaned before use, and the kids created hairnets out of the netting the lemons came in to keep errant hairs from falling in the juice.

We then spent a few minutes creating signs for our stand. Hen made the Lemonade sign, Avery made the Free and #becausefutbol* signs.

We had a pretty good turnout, I think. There were several people so accustomed to paying they completely missed that it was free. But the majority who stopped donated money. We made sure those folks who weren't carrying cash on them knew it was for free and were delighted when they enjoyed a cup on us. 

Comments included: 

"I love it. Real sugar. That's great."
"Wow. This is really good."
"Did you guys make this?"
"Can I have a bit more?"

The kids were great at getting the attention of the passersby and convincing them to come over. They referred to those heading in our direction as "walkers," which, for the uninitiated, are what the folks call the zombies in The Walking Dead. That was good for more than many laughs, for sure. "More walkers are coming!" (hee hee)

When all was said and done, we helped quench the thirst of lots of people and received $14.50 in donations, which we'll give to either the Oregon Humane Society or Heifer International.

Of course, there were pictures…
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*Doesn't make any sense but made me happy to see. Methinks I loves me some soccer.

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