Monday, May 18, 2015

Mia and Hen, another sleepover

We invited Megan and Mia to join us at the Newmark Theatre to catch Ramona Quimby and then Mia got to hang with us for the night. The play was surprising. I thought it would be cute and funny and sort of silly, and it was, but that wasn't all it was. Much was made of Mr. Quimby's unemployment and fight with his addiction to cigarettes. And classism was introduced. And, well, it was packed with a lot more adult themes than I expected.

After the play, we all went to Piece of Cake, where Marilyn loaded us up with enough extra cake to send us all into diabetic comas. We went to the condo and then Megan left and the shenanigans began.

The next morning, we walked to Westmoreland Park, our new neighborhood favorite - yeah, I call it that even though it's not technically part of our neighborhood - and met our preschool friends. The best thing about arriving at that park early is that we basically had the whole things to ourselves. It was awesome!

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