Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sounds from the bedroom

Mia: Henry? True or false. I want to see my parents right now.

Hen: True.

Mia: Yeah.

Mia: Henry? Are you reading?

Hen: No.

Mia: It sounds like you're reading.

Hen: Let's go to sleep really quick so it can be morning.

Mia: I wake up at, like, one.

Hen: No. You don't wake up at one.

Mia: I do.

Hen: I bet you do not.

Mia: Do you think your parents can hear us?

Hen: Maybe. Let's get to sleep.

Mia: Does it scare you when nobody is talking?

Hen: No.

Hen: The faster we get to sleep, the more dream time we have.

Mia: And play time.

Mia: So, if I have a nightmare I can wake you up?

Hen: Or try to go back to sleep.

<insert pause here>

Mia: I'll probably wake you up.

Mia: Henry! I can't fall asleep.

Hen: I'm trying.

Mia: How do you try?

Mia: Guess what I just dreamed about?

Hen: What?

Mia: That Ramona Quimby play.

Hen: How did you dream that fast?

Mia: Henry, you can talk to me whenever you want.

Hen: [no answer]

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