Thursday, January 07, 2016

Book four: Donner Dinner Party by Nathan Hale

An ORCA 2016 nominee graphic novel. Very awesome. I appreciate so much that authors are working to get historical information to kids in ways that are exciting and fresh. I'm sure they have always tried to do this but this book - my first of this particular kind - is my first, and now that I know about this author I want to read more of his work.

Many of us already know the bigger details of the Donner Party. Egads, what a horrible journey that was for the folks making the trek out west. But this meticulously researched graphic novel breaks down the mistakes that were made and relays the icky bits without too much fanfare and what humor can be added without making it distasteful. The story-within-a-story setup works well. It was fast and, well, you sort of know what's coming so you just want to get there to see how Hale tackles the subject. Gruesome and grisly but entertaining as I'll get out. I'm thinking I'll send this to a nephew who just had a birthday.

4 down plus 48 to go! (Off to a pretty good start, eh?)

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