Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Book three: The Selection by Kiera Cass

It's a young adult dystopian version of The Bachelor!

Prince Maxon needs a princess. What better way for him to meet girls than to hold a contest, select 35 women to come and live at the castle, and date them until he finds the one. It's easy to see why America  - yes, that is her name - hopes to get selected. She'd be elevated to a higher caste and her family would receive compensation for her participation. And she'd be far away from the boy who just broke her heart. America has no real desire to fall for the Prince. He's boring and stiff and spoiled, except once she meets him she finds him to be the exact opposite of what she had believed. He's generous and kind and sweet and humorous. And she cannot believe he's willing to keep her around when there are so many other worthy people he could choose to stay.

What will happen? I certainly won't tell but the book is a quick read so it won't take you long to find out.

3 down plus 49 to go!

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