Saturday, January 02, 2016

Book two: The Witch's Boy by Kelly Barnhill

This might make the top five list this year. What a fantastic story!

Ned and his twin brother are trying to get their boat to sea when trouble strikes and one is lost. When Ned's mother, known to the townsfolk as Sister Witch, sees her remaining son about to succumb she uses the magic to help him stay. But in tying him to the soul of his brother she weakens him. People begin to see him as the wrong one and lament his presence.

Aine's father cannot properly deal with the death of his wife, returning to his life of banditry in the hopes that amassing enough ill-gotten gains will somehow fulfill him.

But Ned is stronger than he looks and Aine will not easily give up on her family. The two will meet and with the help of a wolf, bring the stone people to assist them in saving the kingdom from those who would do it harm.

2 down plus 50 to go.

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