Sunday, July 31, 2016

I did go to Africa, but the boy didn't

The morning I left for Africa I walked into Hen's room one last time to make sure stuff was relatively picked up and his plants had been watered. As I turned to go out I was struck by an idea. I quickly selected four tiny toys to take with me on the trip - Bob, a little creation Hen made when his cousin Mia was over, diamond-armor Steve (from Minecraft), Unikitty (of The LEGO Movie fame), and a baby ankylosaurus. I stuffed them into a Ziploc bag and into my purse and made my way to the airport.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the stowaways in Africa. I'd document their experiences in photos and later write a story to share with Hen since he couldn't be there with me to see it for himself. The first shot was taken of them from above while they stood on the PDX carpet (a must for everyone traveling through Portland) and later I snapped one of them attached to my bag. On the plane, I caught the stowaways trying to watch Deadpool and made them watch Zootopia instead. Our guides, Ole and Moses, and spotters, Blackie and David, likely thought I was nuts when they first saw me do it but it didn't take long before they were making suggestions for stowaway photos. The stowaways sat on the roof of our safari vehicle, checked out giraffes, posed with Sudan, the world's last remaining Northern White Rhino, sat on the equator, straddled the border between Tanzania and Kenya, and a whole lot more.

I still have photo editing to complete and need to proofread the story but I'm already super excited to see the finished product and share it with Henry.

Since the stowaways remain tucked in my purse, I was able to snap this shot of them at Frog Lake the other day. These little rascals are troublemakers for sure.

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