Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First fundraiser event at the condo!

I'm a bundler! Okay, so really awesome bundlers agree to bring in a lot of cash, I did not. But I did gather like-minded folks together to feed 'em desserts whilst watching the debate and then, before they left, they donated money that I then bundled and donated to Clinton's campaign. So far the tally is $700 and I know a couple people donated themselves by going to Clinton's campaign site so we're inching our way to $1000 if not just over that. It was a great way to watch our next Commander-in-Chief kick He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's behind. 

Treats served included Nanaimo bars, cherry shortbread cookies, pumpkin cookies, raspberry bars, brownies, and key lime pie. Thanks to Amber, we also snacked on cheese, crackers, and salami. Guests drank a variety of beer, wine, and the Red Pantsuit (a.k.a. vodka and cranberry) libation. 

There were buttons for everyone to take home to proudly display their support for Clinton, courtesy of Sandy at Dormers, who gave them to me for free after I walked her dog, Jake. Thanks to Heather, fundraising genius that she is, we had a mini silent auction. She brought new copies of three of her favorite books from last year to auction off during the evening. 

Of course, there were pictures...

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