Monday, May 10, 2021

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Vaccination Euphoria


2:21 PM - shot administered
2:36 PM - cleared to leave

Monday, February 22, 2021

Orange Jellybean

 Hen, handing me an orange jellybean: Here.

Me: A jellybean?  What kind is it?

Hen: It's orange.

Me, taking a bite of said jellybean:  Ugh, no it isn't.  It's pumpkin.  Pumpkin jellybeans are mean, Henry.

Friday, January 08, 2021


 After yesterday's attempted coup at the Capitol it is hard to imagine anything joyful but @jack did this 

and now I am nearly gleeful.  Trump is still in office and things are still scary but Pelosi et al. are moving to impeach on Monday if he cannot be convinced to resign.  It remains to be seen if Republicans will have the courage to put country over party. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

More Christmas News

We've been quarantining so we can see family over the holidays.  And by family I mean Nick, Megan, and Mia because they are the only local family members who are able to quarantine in the same manner.  Jim's staying with a friend since moving back from Salem, and Jyla and Bobby are busy preparing for the move to their new house shortly after the new year.  

The holidays won't feel the same this year but we're still trying to make them as fun and entertaining as possible.  The second season of The Mandalorian helped.  But so did the virtual Santa visit (see pic below).  In years past, I took Henry to see Santa at Bridgeport Village.  This location goes all out - a tiny, cozy cabin is built in the middle of the outdoor space, everything is decked out in all the Christmas trimmings, holiday music is played on loudspeakers outdoors for everyone to enjoy, etc.  It's awesome and wondrous and all things fantastical.  But no reasonable person would even consider an in-person Santa visit this year - are they even happening? - so we went the virtual route. 

It was totally worth the $25 bucks.  You simply book your appointment and fill out a form and then on your scheduled date and time you Zoom with Santa.  Heck, yeah!  The form had space for you to add some notes on your kid.  And, yes, Hen is 13 and that is a bit older than the typical kid visiting Santa, but I desperately wanted a photo of Hen and Santa to commemorate the Pandemic Christmas of 2020.  I also wanted an ornament to add to the tree that would remind me of this year and I found the perfect one on Etsy by Albright Illustration (see pic of ornament below).  

Most of the presents are wrapped, most of the shipped packages should arrive in time to be under the trees come Christmas morning, Christmas cards went out late last week, I have three more curbside pickups to do - yule log deliciousness from The Cakery, a book from Annie Bloom's Books, and groceries, and we have ingredients on hand to continue baking.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Shrinky Dink Christmas Ornaments

Featuring characters from some of our favorite picture books
(from left to right) Hippos Go Berserk, The Duckling Gets a Cookie, and The Adventures of Beekle


Monday, October 26, 2020

Deep Thoughts by Hen Finn

 Henry: Aren't clothes just day pajamas?