Monday, July 14, 2008

The burbs

This week Life at the condo is coming at ya from the burbs. We figured it was high time we extended our house and pet sitting skills to Brother Nick and his wife, Megan, since they are always more than happy to care for our pets while we're away. (They are celebrating their third anniversary down at the coast.) So, yes, as I type this post these are the things I note:
  • Brother Nick and Megan have a fairly large backyard
  • They live in a neighborhood with rows of streets filled with houses
  • I can see some of the backs of those houses from where I sit
  • I cannot hear the distant din of the freeway like I can back home
  • There is no dog park within walking distance
  • I cannot see a river from any of the windows
  • Their house is huge
  • I can see one cat (Tessa) but she doesn't take too kindly to strangers
  • Brother Nick has all sorts of electronic games (playstation, wii, etc.)
  • And he has a GINORMOUS t.v. on which to play them
  • Autzen, their German Shepherd Dog, is much younger than Beauty the wonder dog
  • Henry seems quite comfortable sleeping in Miss Amels's rocking swing

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