Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hulu is grand

A while ago we discovered the wonderful to feed our Battlestar Gallactica fix. Pursuing the list of shows I saw Hill Street Blues which I must confess, television wise, history wise, and otherwise was interesting in the extremeis. (Those above the age of 40 might recognize who I'm channeling in that last sentence.) Anyway, I wanted to share this:

Belker: "...You gotta get straight. You gotta put yourself back in reality."
Captain Freedom: "What is reality, Mick? Ever seen the nucleus of an atom? Yet the existence of the entire universe depends on it. You ever touch the human soul? Yet it drives you more strongly then any muscle in your body. We step in and out of reality at every instant of our lives and yet we persist in reducing everything that we see to bland and secure terms. A single fly is capable of laying more than twenty million eggs. Leo Tolstoy pulled "War and Peace" from the nothingness of pure thought. The gold in your teeth was manufactured in an interior of an exploding star. What is reality? Who governs it? What are the rules? Who is to say that at this very moment I and everything around you are nothing but the creation of your own cosmic dreams."
Belker: "Yeah."
Captain Freedom: "Actually my goal is to have a sandwich named after me."

Any other hulu gems you've found?

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Christie said...

Many thanks to Brother Nick for telling me about Hulu so I could pass on the info to Darr.

My current show favorite right now is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - apparently it's on FX or something but I'd never know 'cuz we don't get that channel. Thanks to Hulu, though, I can now watch it during my free moments after Henry has gone to bed and all of the chores are done.