Friday, August 08, 2008

Boy outfit #1

Awhile ago our mom friend over at Noodle's Adventures posted pictures of her daughter's cute outfits and, as I was pregnant with the boy who would become Henry at the time, I lamented my inability to follow suit - boy clothes suck. I am now happy to report that through vigorous and exhaustive shopping efforts I have come up with more than a few items that I absolutely adore on Huck. This morning as I dressed Huck for daycare I realized that the outfit I was putting on is one of my current favorites. It still does not have any pink or flowers but it does portray a high level of cuteitude.
A little light reading before leaving for daycare.
I've heard other moms express the same sentiment so I'm including a shopping guide.

1. shirt - Le Petit Bateau, purchased at Henny Penny
2. pants - Tea, purchased at Spoiled Rotten
3. socks - Trumpette, purchased at Spoiled Rotten
4. shoes - See Kai Run, purchased at Segal's for Children


Darren said...

5. Blackberry Stains on shirts, courtesy of Dad

Anonymous said...

What a cute little boy!
Tell me, where is his little seat from?

Christie said...

I bought the seat from Spoiled Rotten. You can check them out online at the following web url: