Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pump, pump, pump all day long

Disclaimer: This post discusses boobs. If you are offended by boobs or do not wish to know about my boobs in particular cease reading now.

So, I was pumping the old boobs this morning to get some milks for the kid. Normally I don't take too many precautions. I don't lock the front door - it's a secure building - I don't draw the drapes - neighbors who can see in are never home and even if they were what they could glimpse through the trees between their homes and mine would hardly be entertaining. But sometimes the unexpected happens and you realize that, as you sit on the couch attached to the breast pump which sort of makes you look like one of those dairy cows, there are two men on a type of construction crane slowly passing by the patio outside on their way up to another floor. (Note: Our patio is directly above the opening to the underground parking so we don't normally see too many people in front of our patio. They'd have to be able to walk on air to get there.) Thankfully I was able to move the shirt down a bit to cover what was worth covering. Lesson learned. In the future, I shall check for cranes before settling down on the couch to pump.


B. E. Busby said...

Wow -- the dog just passed some weapons-grade gas, so I hope this makes sense --

Brian: sounds like you need some Vans, maybe your cats, too.

(Jeezus this is bad -- how can such a silent event cause Hans friggin Blix to appear at my doorstep -- yeesh!)

B. E. Busby said...


Noodle said...

ha ha - i once had the window washer go by the "nursing moms room" at work while i was strapped to the dual power pump. who would expect to be peeked in on while 27 floors up? :)

Cathy said...

I don't remember pumping at home with Quinn, but when I went to work (Hello, teacher here - TONS of kids around!) I would put up a sign on my door, lock the door, turn the lights out, face away from the door (with the window), wear a nursing cover-up, face out the windows that you couldn't see in only out of, and watch the kids at recess. I was always worried that some kid would come up to the window and press his/her face up against it and be like, "What the hell?"
When I pumped at home for Liam I would always cover with a nursing cover up, because although I had no problem with Quinn watching me nurse the baby, I didn't want him to witness the pumping action. I didn't even like to witness the pumping action. Ugh - I do not miss that!

Rose said...

That is pretty funny. What are the odds of that ever happening again?

Back when I was pumping I lost all sense of decorum and would pump in front of whoever was visiting and was willing to stick around. LOL. Some of my friends know me real well.