Sunday, December 21, 2008

And now another cool toddler moment brought to you by Monsieur Henry

Yesterday I was fiddling on the computer in the living room when Henry toddled over with a book in his hand. He's doing that a lot these days. Toddling. And it's very cute. And, also, it looks like whatever he's carrying is excruciatingly heavy for his tiny little toddler arms. And, in a moment of bad yet clever parenting I thwarted his attempts to distract me by telling Monsieur Henry to take the book to his dad. "Go on," I said as he turned to toddle away. When he was about halfway in between the living room, where I was, and the bedroom, where his pops was, he turned as if to ask if I was sure this is what I wanted. When I assured him it was, he toddled the rest of the way into the bedroom. Word on the street is that pops and Henry read the book five times while I sat in the living room doing nothing nearly as important as reading to my son.

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