Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carbo-loading for change*

We somehow made it onto the guest list for an Obama's The New Pres Spaghetti Feed to celebrate Obama's inauguration at Dave, Caroline, and Miss Anneke's house. The food was plentiful and the spaghetti was fantastically tasty. The countless pictures of children illustrate why we were not all at a bar downtown getting plastered. Kids. They change you. But there were libations to be scored because you just can't eat all of that spaghetti without having something to wash it down with. Caroline gave a lovely toast to our new Commander-in-Chief. I know some are not as pleased as we are with our new President. Words like "change" and "hope" have become cliché. And while I am still somewhat saddened that I am not witnessing the first woman take the oath, I am very proud the Democrats were able to win this one. I believe good change is on the way but I'm a realist (sometimes) and know that there may be more sacrifices to come before we completely recover from Bush Lite and Wheelchair Cheney. Darn it, I had hoped to go the whole post without making fun of the man in the wheelchair. Of course there were pictures...

*Many thanks to Caroline for coming up with and allowing me to use the title for this post

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Zozopdx said...

it was so fun! we're so glad y'all came. I ate way too many raisin pies.
Mary is holding a box of suet in the photo of her. yum. pancreas fat. or is it kidney fat?