Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whispers from the couch

Darren, tapping me on the shoulder after a small sound escaped Henry's room: I hope he goes to sleep. 

Christie: Me, too. I'm praying for it. I'll believe in Jesus if he does. 

Darren: You're such a liar.


Amber said...

I remember those days... swearing I would be good for the rest of my life if I could just get a few more minutes of sleep.

(FWIW, Henry is right about at the age Cayden was when he actually started sleeping well. He started out as a bad sleeper and it got progressively worse his whole life--to the point where he was getting up DOZENS of times per night. We took a trip when he was 18 months old and after 2-3 nights of virtually no sleep, he turned a corner and has slept through the night ever since. If I had known, believe you me we would have gone on that trip a whole lot earlier!)

Ms. A said...

Amber, are you saying D & C & H need to go on a trip? And keep H up all night?

Amber said...

Yes, I think a trip might be in order. A trip to Hawaii where they make H sleep in a pack-n-play, which he will hate. He will keep climbing out of it for 3 nights and get almost no sleep. The 4th night, he will decide he likes his new bed and sleep the whole night. The only catch is that when they return home, H will keep sleeping in the pack-n-play (through the night) for at least another year. But whatever works, right?

Ms. A said...

That is a fantastic idea, only I'm fairly certain our dear Christie does not enjoy warm, humid climates. Perhaps the same trip idea, only to a Northern locale? We already know Downtown Canada is notorious for being a nap-free zone. Perhaps somewhere even further North would be a sleep-free zone. How 'bout Anchorage during the Solstice?