Friday, November 06, 2009

A Dock Story

Today I got to go to the dock with my mom and Bea. Docks are fun. They sit on water. Our dock is made of wood mostly, except for this one part that attaches one part of the dock to the other. This part is made of metal and is the most fun part. I got to slide down it head first.
Shutter 1/1000 Aperture f/2.5 ISO 200*
And then I got to crawl up it.

And then I slid down it backwards.

And I got to lie on it.

And roll on it.

Rolling is the most fun part of playing on the most fun part of the dock.

So, in conclusion, I like docks because docks are fun.
*All pics taken with these settings.


Amber said...

These are great! You found the perfect settings! Did it take you a few tries?

Dr. A said...

Docks are so much fun! Thank you for so elegantly illustrating that, Henry.

And your mom's camerawork is commendable.

Mary Jo said...

Super action shots!