Saturday, November 07, 2009

Preserve and protect, eh?

Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, is quoted as saying the following in regards to the restrictive abortion amendment:
"It is the duty of the government to preserve and protect human life."
And I read this and I think to myself, really? Really? Because as she's saying this, she's busy voting against giving all (or nearly all) Americans access to health care. Doesn't giving people access to health care go a long way to preserving and protecting human life?


I'm in a mood. I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, and I'm in a mood. The kind where I'd like to pick a fight. I'm willing to pay more in taxes if it means that me and everyone else has access to coverage. (When I use the word access, I'm not talking about the ability to drive to the nearest E.R. I'm talking about the ability to see a doctor as needed to get treatment without such visits bringing about financial ruin.) Here's what I wouldn't do. I wouldn't use my own moral compass to decide the procedures everyone else in the country should or shouldn't have. You don't want an abortion? Don't get one.


Elizabeth Prata said...

I lost track of what's in the bill... and then with the amendments I got totally lost. I have to admit I don't know nor have a clue as to this bill. All I know is that it's big.

Is your mood better since then?

Christie said...

Surprisingly, yes. I think it's a combo of the blog ranting and wine.

Elizabeth Prata said...

rants and wine do a lot to let the yuks out! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better. I am so proud of you for practicing with photography the way you have been! I have been living vicariously through your experience. I've wanted to do just this for a long time but I am too lazy to start. Good on you for starting.

Dr. A said...

You don't want an abortion? Don't get one.

Amen, sister.