Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weeee! Day 7 of NaBloPoMo and photography is FUN!

Shutter 1/125 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 800 Tungsten

My first week of NaBloPoMo comes to an end. I have taken over 500 photos since our class last Sunday, and I haven't switched the camera to automatic mode once. Yay, me! I feel much more comfortable working with manual mode. Initially I had thought I'd use one of the priority settings but I'm sort of figuring this out just by jumping in. Now when I first break out the camera, I immediately turn it on and adjust the ISO and white balance. If we're in low light situations, I usually go with a lower (meaning higher) aperture setting and take a shot or seven to figure out which f-stop is working before tweaking the shutter speed. I'm hoping Henry will at least become slightly more cooperative when taking his picture as he grows older. It really is a challenge to get this boy in focus lately.

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Cathy said...

Well, I'm impressed. I'm going to have to study up - my sister wants me to take my nephew's senior's pictures - for the yearbook and to hand out. She's got massive faith in me. I did some this weekend on auto, but would love to try manual.