Friday, December 11, 2009

Pet peeve #229

People who find "clever" ways to spell regular names. For example, Madison becomes <please wait while Crazy Spelling Generator (CSG) processes your request> Madysin.


Really? Really?

I swear, that makes me want to shoot myself in the head. And if I survive that, I'll then go and hunt down those parents and shoot them in the head.* Odds are I'd just be beating poor Madysin to the punch.

*This, of course, is a joke. But because there are people who might come upon this blog, read it, and think me a serious threat I have to add this stupid disclaimer that states it is intended as a joke. Perhaps a bad joke. Maybe a joke that isn't really all that funny, particularly if you are someone who lost your parents when they were both shot in the head, but nonetheless a bad, not funny joke I have every right to make.


Dr. A said...

Awwww crap! That was what we were going to name Jellybean. Guess it's back to the drawing board.


We're naming her Desztiyneee.

Miss Amelia Jane. said...

I went to school with a girl who spelled her name the same way as me, then legally changed it to "meghann"...meg-a-hennnnnn is how I refered it. I blame pregnancy hormones, but I briefly talked to Nick about a diff. spelling for a common name, to be "different". Glad we didn't!

Megan said...

I knew a Meghann (too) pronounced the same as my name. While these spellings drive me bonkers, the fact that her name was spelled insanely did make it easier when there were three of us "megans" working at the same Target store. We all knew who Megan vs. Meghan vs Megghan was.

Dr. A said...

OK, chiming back in....
my brothers and I were given unusual names at the time:


My parents weren't trying to be strange, they just *really* liked welsh names at the time. And the spelling for my name? It's the traditional female spelling... Ashley is, or used to be, a boys name. They did give us regular middle names (Jennifer, Josh, Alex) in case we wanted to use those, which was thoughtful of them.

So, having a now-common name with a different spelling is sometimes a little annoying, mostly for people who have to re-write my name when they're taking it down, but in the grand scheme of things I don't care how you spell it. Just don't call me Leslie.

Darren said...

Ashleigh is traditional

Ashlay is scandalous.

Christie said...

Let me clarify - traditional spellings are fine. Leigh is perfectly acceptable.

It's taking normal names and substituting odd vowels to try and get the same result that drives me nuts.

For example:

Leigh --> Leygh

Leah said...

i totally agree with you 100%