Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ah man (a.k.a., just when I thought it was safe to go shopping)

I finally convince myself to buy a new camera. I even go so far as to tell Darren that I am going to buy a new camera. I take one last look at a few of the sources* I traditionally go to for reviews on cameras and two things happen - a. I learn about the D7000 (a much cheaper but still loaded with good stuff consumer-level camera), and 2) I read a rumor that the D800 is expected early this year.

Oy vey.

Here are some of my thoughts.
I am not a professional so it seems ridiculous that I'd even be considering a pro-level camera.
I am definitely no longer an entry-level DSLR user.
If I'm going to spend a lot of Darr's money to buy a new camera, I want to see significant improvements on the quality of shots I get.
If I go for the lower end of the professional set, is that going to allow me to produce shots that are the same as what I'd get if I buy the higher end of the consumer level?
I'm happy with my little HD Flip so having video capability on my DSLR camera is not important to me at all.
If I buy the D7000, am I likely to want to upgrade that camera in another year or so?
If I buy the D700 (or D800), will it be too much camera for me?
There are still so many things I don't understand about the features on cameras, how can I ever make an informed decision?
Will the Pro Photo Supply folks be willing to talk with me for five hours to help me sort this out?

It's too much for my brain to be ruminating on at 2a.m.

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Zozopdx said...

if we didn't have camera overkill I'd be on the horns of the exact same dilemma....