Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dad's recollection of the best scooter day ever

Henry went to bed last night (Saturday) at 7:00 without complaint. Although he didn't get to sleep until almost nine, he didn't come out of his room or whine in any way. This never happens. Also, although he felt hot, he said he was cold. The boy never gets cold. Naturally, I was concerned. So when I woke up at 5:45 for skiing -- an hour before his regular wake up time -- and found him on the toilet with a stuffy nose, a hot forehead and cold arms and legs I said: sick!

I called my dad and cancelled our ski day. By 9:00 he'd had a hard boiled egg and a bowl of oatmeal and watched Chuggington was looking and sounding fine. We started getting ready to go outside and by 10:40 were all set. We head out to the playground and the library and have lunch at Jade -- scary food for him but he eats 1/2 a sesame ball and salad rolls, unrolled. Apparently, the kid loves shrimp. Who knew?

We meet my dad and walk up to Bertie Lou's (closed @2:45) and hit a toy store (no forklift toy, egads) share chocolate cake at Grand Central and toddle on home to watch Kung Fu Panda, play some vehicles and hit bed at 6:30 where I read books for an hour. It's 8:30 now and he's been calling me in every 5 minutes for something or other. ARGH.

Although I'm sad we missed our ski day I'm glad it was just b/c of my over-reaction. I'm sure he misses his mama, but he's really doing super good.

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Christie said...

I'm sorry you missed your ski day but happy to hear Bean isn't sick.