Sunday, March 06, 2011

Henry's recollection of the best scooter day ever

Yesterday (Saturday) I rode my scooter up and down Grandpapa's driveway a lot of many many times. I pushed up all by myself and then rode down super very fast and Beauty would try to catch me but I was faster and then we'd go back up and dad said Beauty was getting tired so we sat and had a popsicle in the sun but she's a Wonder Dog so we did it a bunch more and then Grandpapa came home and he let me drive his car and then we rode the scooter from the top of the driveway and I went right between the cars dad didn't even need to tell me and Marty was there but Beauty bothered her too much so he left.

Then I vacuumed Gavin's car and then Grandpapa's car and I took the hose and ssshh and it was loud and then we took my scooter downtown sherwood town and we got honey sticks and an egg nog popsicle from mexico to share. I made my dad say "who wants a little bit more" and I would raise my hand. It's important to do that before every bite.

Then we scootered back to Grandpapa's house and I got to go down the big big hill and I showed papa that I could stop just fine.

And then last morning when we got up we went scootering in the park after breakfast and up the hill and then we went all around so very far and we had lunch and saw Grandpapa again and scootered to the toy store and library and it was so far I asked to be carried once but I rode some more and then we got to go really fast down the hills and then I said:

Papa, that was the best scooter day ever.

[Editor's note: That's 11:00 to 4:00 on Saturday and 10:30 to 4:30 on Sunday. All scootering, all the time.]

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Christie said...

Wow, Hen! That's A LOT of scootering! What a great day.