Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Mexico! sans kids

So far, so awesome. The trip down was a bit long - there was a delay once we got to LAX - but when you're sans kids delays aren't nearly as difficult to withstand. The casa is just as beautiful as it was last year. We came in, threw down our bags, and quickly made our way to town for some dinner and much needed grocery shopping. Today, things were super relaxed. I didn't sleep in but my morning activities included nothing toddler-related so that was a treat. I spent most of my day reading, napping, drinking, chatting with the other moms (Rachele, Stacey, Amber, and our fearless hostess, Megan), and walking around this beautiful place. Of course, there were pictures...

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The chef came tonight and made us a fabulous meal, so good Megan even broke her diet (but only a little bit, like, seriously, one bite). There was a pepper, cheese, and chorizo appetizer (yum!), a potato and cheese soup (super yum!), and tacos with a choice of two fillings - a shrimp and spices or pork and pineapple and onions. It's surprisingly cost effective so we are considering have him come back before we leave. I was so, so, so, so, so very happy Darr posted all about his and Hen's first day solo parenting. What an adventure. And how awesome my husband is for agreeing to take on that job so I could literally flee the country to get some rest. He probably won't be thrilled to read this but I can see this becoming an annual event. I couldn't ask for better traveling companions. Ah, I'm just a bucket of sappy love and happiness here in the Mexico! I think coming here will make me a better mama when I get back. I miss my boys. And the cats, and even the stinky dog.

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Henry says: Hi mommy you're Mabel and I'm Mabel and that's Ellie and where's the iPod. Papa where's the iPod.